Elevate Your Wellbeing with Gong Sound Healing

gong sound healing

Yearning for an emotional release – for relaxation so deep that you feel all your worries melt away? Gong sound healing is just the experience you need!

Gongs are incredibly versatile instruments. From opera gongs and chau gongs to wind gongs and shaman gongs, there are many different types. Each of these holds aesthetic and cultural significance – and their restorative vibrations invite you to relax like never before. The vibrations do this by inducing deep meditative states for relaxation and stress relief. 

If you’re ready to take on this sensory experience, keep reading for a comprehensive guide on gong sound healing!

Chau Gongs for Mindfulness & Beginner Meditation Practices

Chau gongs are what most people think of when they hear the word ‘gong’. In their structure, shiny bronze can be found between a black center and a black edge.

What Do Chau Gongs Sound Like?

Chau gongs are incredibly loud. Generally, they produce a crisp, bright sound with sustained tones. Their fundamental tone resembles clear, bell-like chimes that resonate deeply. This is complemented by layers of rich undertones. The sound of chau gongs also depends on how they’re struck: gentle taps elicit pure tones, while forceful strikes create powerful sounds.

Therapeutic Benefits of Chau Gongs 

Chau gongs are ideal for meditation practices (such as yoga). This is because their sustained tones help quiet the mind and enhance concentration. As you practice mindfulness, their deep vibrations also penetrate your body – and help you relax.

Wind Gongs for Relaxation & Mental Cleanse 

Made from a blend of copper and tin, wind gongs exude a lighter feel. Their melodious sound partly owes to their incredibly flat structure. Fun fact: They’re called wind gongs because of their ability to be gently played by the wind.

What Do Wind Gongs Sound Like? 

Wind gongs produce deep, rolling washes of sound with ethereal overtones. The foundation of their complex soundscapes is set by a low-frequency drone. This is complemented by rising and falling harmonics – creating a sound resembling the gentle caress of wind.

Therapeutic Benefits of Wind Gongs 

The whimsical notes of wind gongs induce a state of relaxation, melting away all worries. Their vibrations resonate within your body. As a result, the sound releases emotional blockages and promotes your inner peace. Wind gongs’ notes are also great for mental clarity.

gong meditation

Descending Opera Gongs for Stability & Grounded Thinking

Descending opera gongs create an audible glissando effect. This owes to their structure: the center protrudes outwards from the rest of the chime.

What Do Descending Opera Gongs Sound Like?

Rich and powerful descending tones feature the descending opera gongs. They start high and gradually descend into a rich melody. This creates a beautiful cascading effect. The initial strike will be strong enough to anchor you in the present moment. This will be followed by a sustained tone gliding downwards, creating a sense of calm.

Therapeutic Benefits of Descending Opera Gongs

The glissando effect of descending opera gongs provides a sensory experience. The initial strong tone grounds you – while the descending melody promotes stability. The downward momentum of the sound can clear mental clutter and help you in decision-making, too.

Ascending Opera Gongs for Breathwork & Energy Flow 

Unlike traditional opera gongs, the ascending types ascend in pitch. They also have a glissando effect, but this time, in an ascending manner. Examples are Hand gongs and Jin Ban gongs.

What Do Ascending Opera Gongs Sound Like? 

Ascending opera gongs have uplifting, expansive tones that resonate like rising currents. The initial strike is high-pitched and has an energizing effect. This sustained tone gradually climbs while layered harmonics dance around the melody.

Therapeutic Benefits of Ascending Opera Gongs

Ascending opera gongs stimulate energy flow, especially with the rising melody. Their sustained yet climbing tone also encourages deeper breaths. Finally, their uplifting energy can awaken creativity.

Hmong Shaman Gongs for Spiritual Healing & Enlightenment 

Thick in build and featuring a turned lip, Hmong Shaman gongs have been famous in history for their healing effect. If you’re looking for spiritual healing, this gong bath is a must-try!

What Do Hmong Shaman Gongs Sound Like? 

Shaman gongs sound powerful. They have complex, layered tones – and these are complemented by mystical qualities and haunting echoes. The core sound vibrates deeply while overtones rise and fall (like whispers).

Therapeutic Benefits of Hmong Shaman Gongs

Hmong Shaman gongs’ notes facilitate journeys to your inner landscapes. They release emotional blockages and foster spiritual connection. So, if you’re on a sacred personal journey, this gong bath will support you.


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What are the health benefits of gong?

According to a study in Slovenia, the sound vibrations of gongs are relaxing for the human body. 

  • Gong sound healing can induce alpha and theta brainwave states (similar to deep meditation). These improve your resilience to daily stressors – and provide durable inner peace.
  • Gong baths can reduce your perception of pain. This means they can help with pain management and improve your physical well-being.
  • Their relaxing qualities can also help you feel better (in addition to relaxing you) – thus enhancing your mental well-being.
  • Because these unique soundscapes enhance creativity, they can also provide fresh impetus for work.

What is the purpose of a gong?

Over the years, gongs have been used for spiritual practices and healing rituals (sometimes even celebrations!). Today, they’re becoming famous for their therapeutic potential, as they can help people relax. As science continues to research gong baths, more and more uses are being uncovered. For example, doctors are discovering gong sound healing can boost immune function – and help you ward off illness.


You can kickstart your journey to personal growth with a gong bath – but as a beginner, there’s quite a few things to keep in mind. Start with a small gong (12 to 16 inches) for a mild experience. You also want to experience gentle taps on your first try. Finally, as you experience it, close your eyes and allow that sound to wash over you – and that stress.
Opera gongs, chau gongs, wind gongs, or shaman gongs: which will you try first? Let us know below


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