What Is Cellular Detox And How To Do It

cellular detox

Our body is exposed to multiple toxins, both externally and internally, resulting in an inability of the liver and colon to function efficiently. With such failures in the digestive system, the entire body starts becoming toxic. People then look for different detoxification processes to cleanse their bodies. 

As such, detoxing has become a common method, including simple steps like giving up dairy, gluten, meat, etc. However, sometimes just giving up things isn’t enough — you may need to add in a few things. 

While you might be deciding which detox diet, product, and cleanse is the best addition to your lifestyle, it’s important to remember that a cellular detox and cellular cleanse are much more than just altering the diet, doing a juice fast, or a 10-day herbal cleanse. 

What Is A Cellular Detox? 

A cellular detox is all about cleansing your body internally. Many toxins enter our body through external sources like food, air, and water leading to a reduction in our body’s natural detoxification abilities. This may result in symptoms like fatigue, allergies, and difficulty losing weight. Toxins can also exist in the form of unresolved and negative emotions in our minds, hindering the body’s ability to rest, repair, and absorb nutrients from food. Cellular detox is a natural process that helps avoid such health issues by removing harmful toxins and waste products from our bodies. 

Just like that, we know that the older we get, the weaker our cells become. More waste production paired with lesser energy production leaves us much more susceptible to chronic diseases. Therefore, a cellular detox not only focuses on nutritious eating but also includes nutritious supplements to revive cells further. 

Differences Between A Cellular Detox And Other Detoxes

cellular detox

Cellular detoxification differs from other detoxes because it removes toxins at the cellular level. It goes beyond just eating clean, juicing, and exercising by dealing with all the minor aspects that go unnoticed in other processes. The main principles include:  

  • Removing the interference: This step removes the primary source from where toxins enter the body. It could be removing a toxic mold from the physical environment or detoxing heavy metals from the body, like lead or mercury. 
  • Regenerating the cell membrane: A damaged cell membrane prevents nutrients from entering and wastes from leaving the cell, resulting in a microscopic wasteland. 
  • Restoring cellular energy: The cell’s mitochondria process the nutrients consumed and convert them into the cell’s energy source. 
  • Reducing cellular inflammation: Cellular inflammation (caused by dietary sugars, unhealthy fats, and heavy metals) leads to impaired communication between cells, lack of energy production, and decreased waste elimination. 
  • Re-establish methylation: The body relies on healthy methylation to block bad genes from going into action. Toxins can obstruct this process, leading to hormonal imbalance and constant stress. Restoring methylation will improve overall well-being and general health by suppressing bad genes and supporting good ones. 

The three main methods involved in a cellular detox to accomplish the aforementioned goals include: 

  1. Prep Phase: This involves the intake of supplements like high-potency probiotics to flush out toxins from your kidney and liver. 
  2. Body Phase: This phase moves on with supplements that target deeper tissues, such as the brain, and further cleanse the liver. 
  3. Brain Phase: The final stage includes supplements and fat-soluble true binders that cross the blood-brain barrier and clear the deep toxins from the nerve tissue and brain. 

How Does A Cellular Cleanse Work And What Are The Benefits?

A cellular cleanse and detox are similar in the sense that both center on a diet containing healthy and clean foods that are nutrient-packed and light. Both promote “feeling better” regarding cravings, energy, and bloating. Therefore, these terms are often used interchangeably. 

A cellular detox refers to a diet where people eat certain foods and eliminate others, hoping to feel energized and refreshed, along with enjoying improved clarity of mind and an easy weight-loss journey (as found by a study). Although these are noble goals, bringing changes to your diet is only a single part of cellular detox. This is where cellular cleansing comes into action. 

You might be focusing on eliminating toxic foods, but don’t forget the toxins that are not food-related. A cellular cleanse or detox views all the potential toxins a person encounters and aims at removing them from the body and the environment. 

Benefits of A Cellular Cleanse 

  • Flushes out all the toxins (including cancer- and disease-causing compounds) while making the body more adept at absorbing nutrients. This boosts ATP production and stimulates efficient organ functions. 
  • Unburdens the lungs. The lungs become impaired by excessive pollution, so a self-healing detox will help relieve the lungs. 
  • Restores the colon’s healthy flora to allow the intestines to carry out regular toxin removal and good digestion. 
  • Decongests the kidneys to prevent any poor health outcomes since the kidneys might get exhausted by constantly removing toxins and extra minerals. 
  • Gives the liver — an organ that aids digestion and produces a hormone to detoxify the body’s fluids — a reboot, allowing it to perform the function it is designed for i.e. as a natural detoxifier. “The liver is our detoxification machine. It’s made to do this,” says liver cancer specialist and surgeon Thomas Aloia, M.D

Main Reasons To Cleanse Your Body With A Cellular Cleanse 

Sure, one of the main reasons to go for a cellular cleanse is that it purifies your body internally, making you feel energized and refreshed, but apart from that, it offers tons of other unbelievable benefits that make it oh-so-worth-it. 

When performed correctly under the supervision of an expert, a cellular cleanse helps you get rid of the infinite number of toxic substances entering and accumulating in your body at cellular levels. This sets the stage for a more healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, a detox restores balance to your body system, slows premature aging, revamps the digestive system, prevents chronic diseases, strengthens the nervous system, improves mental clarity, and increases energy. Therefore, to maintain better health and lead a fit lifestyle, it is recommended to get a short detox every three months or a full detox every 6 months. 

How To Do A Cellular Cleanse? 

One of the quickest and most accepted forms of a cellular cleanse is to alter the diet, implement liquid fasting, and introduce the consumption of alkaline foods in the form of liquids. During liquid fasting, no solid food is allowed. This assists the body in burning and excreting large amounts of accumulated waste. This process can be sped up by drinking various alkaline juices. The sugars in the juices provide energy and strengthen the body. As such, liquid fasting is the safest form of fasting to accelerate a cellular cleanse. However, you still need to take as much mental relaxation, and physical rest as possible since the process of eliminating toxins consumes a lot of energy. 

When tapering the diet, keep in mind the things you can eat and the edibles you need to avoid. Below we’ve compiled lists of both categories to help you out. 

Allowed Not Allowed
Vegetables Industrial seeds
Fruits Vegetable oils 
Beans Refined & saturated fats
Whole grains Refined grains 
Nuts Processed sugars
SeedsDairy products 

What foods promote a cellular detox

Additionally, there are various plants that can promote an efficient cellular detox too. Irish moss, dandelion, nettle, burdock, moringa, alkaline herbs, cordoncillo negro, cascara sagrada, chanca piedra, and blessed thistle are all great options for a perfect cellular detox diet. 

Now that you’re familiar with the right and wrong foods, here are a few more steps (proven by a study) to help make your cellular detox incredibly fruitful: 

  • Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water (at room temperature). 
  • During the cleansing procedure, you’ll go through various healing crises, such as false hunger pangs, mild headaches, exhaustion, or nausea. Getting in touch with a nutritional expert can make it easier to manage these symptoms. 
  • Rest as much as you can and avoid indulging in intense activities for long periods. Try engaging in mild to moderate activities such as walking, yoga, meditation, swimming, TRX, stretching, and dancing. 
  • Avoid eating junk foods as this may negatively impact the body and mind’s cleansing process.
foods for cellular detox

Curating A Balanced Diet 

An extreme change in your diet will be unpleasant and ineffective, so it is essential to curate a balanced cellular detox diet. For example, if your regular diet normally comprises dairy, meat, wheat, and processed foods, then cutting off all these options immediately will put your body under stress since it has not coped with primarily digesting healthy foods. So, start off with moderate changes in your habits. You can eliminate processed and junk foods completely, but go slow with the rest of your diet. 

If you already have a healthy diet, then you can follow more restrictive meals from the very start. Transforming to a vegan diet with minimal alcohol, wheat, and dairy is the way to go. 

Cellular Detox Symptoms 

As with all other types of detoxification, you might experience aches and pains, feel cold, have difficulty sleeping, or experience headaches and high blood pressure. But remember, it’s completely normal to feel such things (especially during the beginning of your journey). It even has a name: Healing Crisis. 

The reason behind such feelings and symptoms is that the process of purifying and regenerating your cells involves the release of acids, toxins, and mucous residues that have been accumulating for months or even years. Therefore, you should not suppress them. Instead, try handling them with the help of a professional and wait for them to pass gradually. After all, these symptoms are a sign that the process is working and eliminating toxins. As you intended at the beginning of your journey — remember your goals!

Symptoms of Toxicity

Toxicity generally affects people at a cellular level, while diseases and their manifestations are seen at an organ level. 

As an example, consider the disease hepatitis, which affects the liver cells and leads to impaired liver functions. Toxins, on the other hand, are capable of being circulated throughout the body (depending on their nature). And can affect many organs and cells at the same time. In addition, your body may simultaneously carry many different toxins. Each with its own particular effect, which may generate a toxin overload. From slight symptoms like dizziness and chills to severe symptoms like convulsions and coma, a toxin overload can incur several health issues. 

FAQs Section 

We’ve put together this FAQs section to answer any remaining ambiguities you might have. 

What supplements are used in a cellular detox? 

  • Zeolites
  • Antioxidant-rich foods
  • Detox-friendly foods
  • Vitamin B & C
  • Glutathione
  • Activated charcoal
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

What other important factors should be kept in mind for a successful detox?

Apart from the vital factors mentioned above, try reducing your exposure to EMFs and environmental toxins. Decreasing your reliance on man-made, synthetic medicines and shifting to more natural remedies will also help. 

Also, remember that a cellular cleanse is not the same as a foot bath, a colon cleanse, a coffee enema, or a bottle of chlorella tablets. 

What are some common toxin sources encountered by people daily? 

Some common toxins that people encounter daily include household cleaners, carpets, appliances, furniture, plastics, EMFs (electromagnetic fields), mold, etc. 

What Are Some Detox-Friendly Food Options?

The following foods are wonderful options for ridding your body of heavy metals: 

  • Sulfur foods like onion and garlic
  • Anti-inflammatory herbs like rosemary, pepper, and cinnamon
  • Cruciferous veggies like kale, collards, and beats
  • Chia and flax 
  • Green tea 


Detoxification has become a trend. From water fasting to supplement-based programs and juice cleanses, there’s a wide variety of detox and cleanse packages available. Perfect for people who are trying to boost brain power, lose weight, lower inflammation, and fight cravings and hunger alike. These plans offer a boost-start to weight loss, better health, and vitality. Although the saturated marketplace and catchy advertisements might make it difficult to decide which process to choose, we hope that this article helped convince you about the plethora of benefits a cellular detox and cleanse can bring you! 

So, what are you waiting for? Detoxify your body, relieve your nervous and digestive systems, and live a happier, healthier life! 



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