Strawberry and Grapefruit Detox Water with Rosemary

grapefruit detox water

Struggling with drinking 2 to 3 litres of water every day? Let’s make your daily water intake fun – and a lot more effective – with the delicious and easy-to-make grapefruit detox water.  Prepared with grapefruits, strawberries, and rosemary stem, grapefruit infused water is one of the healthiest and most flavorful ways to keep your […]

Creamy Mango Popsicles – 4 Ingredients

mango popsicles

Summer is almost here – and you know what that means. Mango season is upon us! What better way can there be to celebrate than with refreshing, creamy mango popsicles with coconut milk? Whether you’re simply looking to cool down on a summer evening or prepping snacks for a kids’ party, these homemade mango popsicles […]

No Bake Peanut Butter Oat Cups

peanut butter oat cups

Snack cravings pop up once in a while – and making a vegan and healthy choice can be a challenge. Not anymore with these no bake peanut butter oat cups, though. These are the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. And you don’t even need an oven!  Keep reading for a simple recipe for […]

Refreshing Strawberry Banana Coconut Water Smoothie

strawberry coconut water smoothie

A strawberry smoothie with coconut water is a refreshing and healthy beverage. Not only is it paleo and vegan-friendly, but also a super tasty treat! This strawberry coconut water smoothie is also great to have if you’ve just got done with a workout, or are feeling dehydrated in general. Keep reading for a quick and […]

Anti-Inflammatory Beet Shots

beet wellness shots

Unsure if you really like beets but want to avail their benefits? Beet wellness shots are a great way to consume plenty of nutrients and vitamins in one go – especially because we’ll be adding lemon and ginger as well. Keep reading for a beet shots recipe that prepares your immunity – boosting beet juice […]

Superfood Vegan Yogurt Bark

vegan yogurt bark

Looking for a frozen treat to enjoy as breakfast, snack—or even dessert? This vegan yogurt bark is something the whole family will love to munch on. It is filled with fresh fruits and nuts, making it a healthy and vegan treat. Plus, vegan frozen yogurt bark is super easy to make—even the kids can help […]

Orange Blueberry Detox Water with Rosemary

Orange blueberry detox water

Struggling with your water intake? Add some flavor with orange blueberry water – and you’ll find yourself loving it! A richly flavored and refreshing drink, this orange blueberry detox water can be prepared with minimal effort and virtually no cooking skill. Keep reading for a quick recipe, and get ready to kickstart your orange blueberry […]

Kale Avocado Coconut Water Smoothie

kale coconut water smoothie

Looking for a light breakfast or refreshing snack that is easy, vegan, and gluten-free? A kale avocado coconut water is a great – and delicious – idea! It will leave you feeling satisfied and fresh, ready to begin the day with just the right energy. As a bonus, this kale avocado smoothie is soy- and […]

Rhodiola Tea Recipe

Rhodiola tea

Looking for a stimulating stress tonic to alleviate your mornings? With its curious rosy flavor, Rhodiola tea makes for the perfect addition to your daily diet. It offers all the benefits of botanicals — minus their incredibly intense flavors. In fact, Rhodiola rosea has a sweet and slightly bitter taste that you will actually enjoy. […]

Adaptogenic Cacao Ashwagandha Granola

ashwagandha granola

Recipes with ashwagandha have been famous for the health benefits they offer—but when it comes to wellness through nutrition, we have one particular rising star: adaptogenic cacao ashwagandha granola. It is packed with nutrients and nourishes your body (and will satiate those tastebuds!). Keep reading to learn how to make adaptogenic cacao ashwagandha granola—one of […]

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