Can You Mix Foundation With Moisturizer?

mixing foundation and moisturizer

Makeovers, be it a no-makeup look or a full coverage look, are a way for many to feel more confident and good about themselves. But before you doll yourself up, it is important to choose the right products and practice the right tips to apply makeup — especially for the foundation of your look. A product that is too thick, too dry, or too cakey can spoil the entire 2-hour effort you’ve invested in doing your makeup. So, what’s the solution? Mixing foundation with moisturizer! This step will not only give you a more natural look but will also nourish your skin with multiple long-term benefits. 



Grab the two products as we go on to find out everything about a moisturizer foundation!



Should You Mix Foundation With Moisturizer?

Applying a good moisturizer before your favorite foundation is a common practice, but why not try something more innovative by mixing the two products together to improve and enhance the results? Mixing moisturizer with foundation is a simple yet incredible trick to achieve a glowy and beautiful look. 

The best way to apply a moisturizer foundation is to start with a small amount and continue mixing more till you find the consistency that sits perfectly on your skin. 

How Do You Mix Foundation With Moisturizer?

Ever spent your hard-earned money on an expensive foundation just to end up with something that doesn’t give you an attractive, smooth finish? If you’ve ever faced the same frustration, we’ve got some great news for you. Your foundation can be combined with a moisturizer to give you the exact consistency and texture you’re looking for! But what is the right process for mixing foundation with moisturizer? Let’s find out. 

You’ve got three options that you can choose from according to your skin type and coverage requirements. 


      • Mixing matte foundation with moisturizer. Matte foundations are dark and heavy. Mixing them with a moisturizer can help give your skin the shine a matte foundation blocks out. 

      • Mixing tinted foundation with moisturizer. Tinted foundations provide a slight skin tint. Combining it with a moisturizer will transform the foundation into a more sheer product with better and more dewy coverage. 

      • Mixing powder foundation with moisturizer. Powdered foundations provide a mattifying look. When mixed with a moisturizer, they make a great product for acne-prone and oily skin that absorbs extra oil and stays in place on hot days. 

    Step-by-step Guide To Combine A Foundation and Moisturizer 

    Once you’ve chosen a foundation tone that matches your skin, look for a hydrating moisturizer in a similar shade to the foundation. This will help the two to blend together better, giving a natural look instead of one that appears caked on. 

    Begin with dispensing one pump of your moisturizer, followed by a few drops of the foundation on the backside of your hand or a clean makeup mixing palette. The quantities can be altered depending on the level of coverage you want. If, for example, you are suffering from hyperpigmentation or skin redness, two-thirds foundation paired with one-third moisturizer will do well. You can try different combos to see what suits you best. Then, gently blend the solution with a makeup brush, damp beauty blender, or your fingers. 

    Make sure to mix the components thoroughly. Remember, the goal is to create a flawless, smooth moisturizer foundation that hides your blemishes, provides good coverage, and nourishes your skin. 

    Ways of Mixing Foundation With Moisturizer To Achieve Desired Result 

    The moisturizer foundation is a versatile product that can be altered to achieve different consistencies. We recommend trying a 1:1 ratio and gradually increasing the components with consistent mixing to create the desired results. 

    While the process might be tricky, experimenting with varied percentages of each product will help you discover the ideal ratio for your skin. There are three common ways of mixing foundation with moisturizer, including: 


        • Making the foundation more sheer – Add more of an oil-free moisturizer.

        • Making the foundation more dewy – Add more foundation with a drop of an illuminator or face oil. 

        • Lightening the foundation shade – Add a darker tinted moisturizer till you achieve the desired tone.

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      Ready to mix things up for a more fresh and natural finish? Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a moisturizer foundation paired with creative ideas for other foundation combos! 

      Can you mix foundation with sunscreen? 

      No. A foundation should not be mixed with sunscreen. This is because adding foundation to sunscreen dilutes the SPF of your sunblock, making your sun protection uneven. This will leave out spots where the sunscreen hasn’t been fully applied. What’s more, foundations contain ingredients like oils and emulsifiers that alter the properties of sunscreen and prevent it from doing its job efficiently. 

      In short, foundation and sunscreen are incompatible — and mixing the two will most probably cause the sunscreen to roll up or the foundation to bunch up. 

      Can you mix foundation and BB cream?

      The answer depends on the coverage you want. If you’re looking for light coverage, covering your blemishes with foundation and following it with a layer of BB cream all over will do great. For higher coverage, use a mixture of BB cream and foundation. Don’t forget to conceal the blemishes with a primer beforehand and top the final look with finishing powder. 

      how to mix foundation and moisturizer

      Does the foundation moisturizer soothe acne? 

      Yes, mixing foundation with moisturizer has positive effects on acne — especially if you mix the right products. Combining an oil-free moisturizer, for example, with a non-comedogenic foundation will create a lighter coverage, allowing your skin to breathe. What’s more, the extra hydration of the moisturizer will prevent breakouts, soothe irritation, and promote a smoother complexion overall. 

      Which foundation and moisturizer is best for creating this combination? 

      Any foundation can be used, from cream and liquid to mousse and powder. However, cream and liquid are preferable, as they have a similar texture to moisturizers to allow better mixing.

      In the case of the moisturizer, an option that suits your skin type, like an oil-free formula for greasy skin, lightweight gels for sensitive skin, and rich creams for flaky skin, will do great. Bonus points if you find products that contain favorable ingredients for skincare, including vitamin C or E, hyaluronic acid, etc. 

      Pro Tip: Combine silicone-based foundations with silicone-based moisturizers and water-based foundations with water-based foundations to prevent them from separating on application. 

      Benefits of Mixing Foundation With Moisturizer

      Mixing moisturizer with foundation gives you the opportunity to create a custom product that helps spruce up your makeup routine, paired with multiple other benefits. 

      A moisturizer foundation creates the perfect, radiant makeup look that is both luminous and soft with an even complexion. It simplifies your travel makeup bag (and the application process) since two products will be combined into one container. Not to mention, this amazing combo pairs together hydration and coverage to strike the right balance for your skin texture and keeps your makeup fresh for longer as the foundation moisturizer prevents fine lines and wrinkles. 

      Mixing Foundation With Moisturizer — Wrapping Up

      Mixing foundation with moisturizer is an easy and exciting process when looking to enhance the coverage of your makeup and the benefits of your skincare routine. The best part? The consistency and texture can be adjusted to create something that matches your skin’s requirements. 

      What you must remember is that not all foundations and moisturizers will pair together perfectly. Different products have different ingredients, which means they have different compatibilities. So it is best to test a small mixture beforehand to make sure you don’t waste your money on something that doesn’t fit your needs


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