12 Benefits Of Beetroot Powder For Skin And Hair

beet powder benefits

Who says you need a trip to The Ordinary every time your skin breaks out? You can even use your salad or smoothie!

Errmm… what? Let us explain.

Beetroot is a super veggie – many of us use it in our salads and sandwiches. But this long-forgotten pushed-to-the-back-of-the-refrigerator ingredient has more superpowers. People have been drying and grinding it for ages to use it in their skincare regimes. And now that we are constantly bombarded with lofty skincare routines and buckets full of products, beetroot powder benefits for the skin are gaining even more popularity.

But what is beetroot powder? How to make it and use it for skin and hair? And most importantly, what is it good for? We are discussing all that here.

So sit tight!

What Is Beetroot Powder?

Raw beetroot is dried and ground into beetroot powder.

Beetroot is a vivid red root vegetable grown and eaten worldwide. But since its natural form contains 88% water, its nutrients are considerably diluted. 

Once it is dry-heated, the moisture evaporates. The dried form is much more nutritionally packed, and the powder is effortless to use.

The beetroot powder is a powerhouse of vitamin C (40mg), vitamin B9 (2.2mg), proteins (13.40mg), and several minerals. Here is a breakdown of figurative benefits of beet powder:

Energy328.50 Kcal
Carbohydrate67.60 g
Protein13.40 g
Fat0.50 g
Fiber6.20 g
Mineral3.20 g
Sodium1300 mg
Potassium1500 mg
Calcium240 mg
Iron4.8 mg
Phosphorous219 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folate)2.2 mg
Vitamin C40 mg

Beetroot Powder Benefits For Skin And Hair

Beetroot is full of proteins, minerals, and antioxidants that make it an elixir for skin and hair. It would take us a day to go on and on about beetroot benefits for the skin. So here is a brief overview of some of the best ones:

Fights Acne

All skins are beautiful – including the ones with acne. But we all agree that acne can be uncomfortable because of all the itching and inflammation. Many of us have spent our teens trying zillions of products to tame the beast. And some of us are struggling with it even now.

But our magic ingredient can be your next best friend. Beetroot powder is flushed with antioxidants that help heal acne without leaving a mark. It is God’s special gift for people with oily skin.

Brightens Lips

Almost every organic or homemade lip mask and tint contain this magical vegetable. The benefits of beetroot powder include pretty much your entire face. Lips included!

The bright rosy color is very transferable, but it also contains bleaching agents to lighten your lips naturally. Furthermore, it acts as a moisturizer – making your lips soft and balmy.

How To Use

Add a pinch of beet powder to your everyday lip balm or lip scrub. Alternatively, add a few drops of water and apply the juice to your lips every night before bed.

Makes The Skin Glow

Who doesn’t love bright, glowing skin? We know we do! And now the idea doesn’t seem too far-fetched. The antioxidants in beetroot powder rob your skin of the nasty toxins that make it dull. They purify your skin from within and provide a healthy appearance.

Also, the iron content is suitable for your blood and gives your skin an energy boost. Plus, beetroot is a known savior of complexion. It heals your skin cells and brightens them to revive your natural, beautiful color.

How To Use

We recommend using it directly in your diet for all the beetroot benefits for the skin like the beetroot powder smoothie. But if you may not like its taste; incorporating its powder into your skincare regime is just as beneficial.

Mix beetroot and orange peel powder and use them as a scrub for your skin. You can add a little water to form a paste and use it as the ultimate brightening face pack.

Hydrates The Skin

beetroot powder benefits for skin

Another fantastic benefit of beet powder is its natural moisturizing properties. The vegetable is excellent for hydration and provides a cooling effect to your skin. And all that without the greasy, oily feeling of a lotion.

How To Use

Add beetroot powder to your face packs. You can also rub a slice of the raw vegetable on your skin.

Lightens Dark Circles

Those born with stubborn, dark undereye circles know that lightening these babies is not an easy feat. Sleeping doesn’t help, expensive serums don’t help, and drinking water definitely doesn’t help! 

Here’s what you need: a punch of vitamin C, a boost of collagen, and a dash of antioxidants. Pack all that in beetroot powder, and you have your holy grail for dark circles and eye bags.

Prevents Wrinkles

One of the best beetroot powder benefits for the skin is its anti-aging properties. The collagen and antioxidants fight signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and restore your skin’s elasticity. Replace your cup of coffee for and antioxidant rich beetroot latte.


Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Win your fight against excessive melanin by using beetroot powder to eliminate hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is excellent for people suffering from dark spots, freckles, and tanning.

Can Prevent Skin Cancer

Yep, you read that right! Including beetroot in your regular diet prevents the chances of skin, liver, and lung cancer, and we have studies proving it.

How To Use

Include whole beetroot, beetroot juice, or its powder in your meals.

Treats Dandruff

Dandruff buildup looks tacky and promotes itch and irritation. Treat it with the antioxidant benefits of beet powder. It also regulates the blood flow to your scalp so your body can fight dandruff naturally.

Prevents Hair Loss

This is for all the post-partum mommas out there. The healing properties of beetroot can come in handy when dealing with hair loss. 

Makes Hair Shiny And Soft

The miraculous beetroot benefits for skin and hair don’t stop there. They include making your mane soft, shiny, and luxurious. The proteins and minerals help restore your hair’s natural form and repair its cuticle.

Dyes Hair Naturally

Dye your hair a beautiful auburn red with beetroot powder. It lends red to hair, so you don’t have to damage them with harsh chemicals and harmful treatments.

How To Use

Mix beetroot powder and henna powder. Apply the paste with water to the hair for 30 minutes.

How To Use Beetroot Powder For Skin and Hair

There is no one way to use beetroot powder for your hair or skin. You can also add the powder to your daily-use products like moisturizers or hair oils. Although be vary of its color transfer properties.


Can I use beetroot powder on my face?

Do you want to look healthy, bright, and beautiful? If yes, then sure! Use it on your face and overall skin for the many benefits of beet powder.


It’s time to stop getting beetroot only when you read an exotic international recipe online. Get them for what they can do for your skin and hair! Its powder form is readily available in the market. Look at organic skincare shops or ones dispensing herbal medicines. 

The many beetroot powder benefits for the skin make the perfect excuse to keep a jar handy in your cabinet. It is a savior for your skin and hair, plus it has several health benefits your body will thank you for. 


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