Everything You Need to Know About Nootropic Mushrooms

nootropic mushrooms

We’ve been using mushrooms — one way or another —- since the beginning of time. Whether for use in a quick snack, as a part of our meals, or for medicinal purposes, these nutrient-packed buddies have been serving more purposes than one. But what’s even better than mushrooms? Nootropic mushrooms!  Very simply, mushroom nootropics are […]

Does Facial Cupping Really Work?

facial cupping

Does cupping your face really bring out that inner glow?  If you’ve been wondering what the buzz around facial cupping is all about — and whether it’s something you should really consider — you’ve landed the right spot!  Facial cupping is a holistic service that has been gaining popularity. Many people who try it notice […]

10 Ways to Overcome Workout Laziness

lazy to workout

Do you feel too lazy to workout? Well, you’re not alone! Workout laziness is something the best of us struggle with. But no matter how hard one may find it, working out is one thing we need to do. After all, exercising can help manage weight and strengthen your bones (and even reduce your risk […]

Are Activated Nuts Better? The Ultimate Guide

activated nuts

Sprinkling smoothie bowl with nuts or mixing nuts in salads: there are countless ways to consume this superfood. While raw or roasted nuts are delicious and beneficial in their own ways, the new variety of activated nuts has definitely leveled up the nutrition game.  But what are activated nuts, which extra benefits do they provide, […]

Everything About Body Gua Sha – 101

gua sha for body

Where does the word “self-care” drive your thoughts to? An effective shower routine for healthy skincare? Regular meditation every morning? Sparing time for a hobby you enjoy? There’s clearly no boundary or limit to the practices prioritizing your well-being. And while you might have tried all the basic ideas to reward yourself with some long-deserved […]

Kale Benefits for Skin and Hair

kale benefits for skin

Kale salads, kale chips, kale smoothies — the recipes for kale are endless. But what makes the ingredient a favorite for every dish? The incredible kale benefits for skin and hair. While healthy skincare and haircare routines carry their own importance, altering your diet to include beneficial foods that can give you a natural and […]

Shower Routine for Glowing Skin

shower routine for glowing skin

What is the secret to getting smooth and glowing skin? A healthy skincare routine? A good know-how about makeup products? Fancy and expensive facials? While all of these are an important part of radiant facial skin, they tend to overlook care for the rest of the body. An effective shower routine is the key to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Healing Through Food

healing through food

The fuel to keep our body running? Undeniably food. And when chosen carefully, this essential can offer many other (mighty) purposes. For example, healing the body naturally and effectively.  Using food as medicine is a years-old practice — and has recently started gaining more attention. Remember: you are what you eat. So, the first and […]

22 Ways To Glow Up In A Week

how to glow up in a week

Prioritizing and taking care of yourself is the key to true inner happiness. Implementing and practicing the best ways to glow up by working on your physical well-being, uplifting your mental health, and transforming your body into something you’re comfortable in can definitely introduce incredible changes to your life.  Whether your glow-up is to welcome […]

Can You Mix Foundation With Moisturizer?

mixing foundation and moisturizer

Makeovers, be it a no-makeup look or a full coverage look, are a way for many to feel more confident and good about themselves. But before you doll yourself up, it is important to choose the right products and practice the right tips to apply makeup — especially for the foundation of your look. A […]

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