Gua Sha vs. Jade Roller

gua sha vs jade roller

All skincare fanatics know the importance of a good facial massage. And today more than ever, the market is overflowing with facial tools. These are usually newer versions of previous ones. But, even then, the two basic tools, gua sha and jade rollers, stand out the most. Especially as people have began looking for non-cosmetic […]

How to Reinvent Yourself in 30 Days

how to reinvent yourself in 30 days

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder, who is this? Do you see a stranger in your reflection? Maybe past goals no longer give you joy – or the path you’re on feels like someone else’s dream. You yearn for a life that lets you pursue your passions. You often wonder ‘how to […]

The Ultimate Rosacea Diet Guide

rosacea diet

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition. It usually targets the central part of your face. Symptoms, however, can vary for individuals. For example, some people can experience facial redness. Others may have red acne-like bumps all over their face. Visibly larger blood vessels and skin thickening around the nose are two other symptoms of this […]

Is It Normal to Breakout When Using a New Product

isit normal to breakout using a new product

Ever started a new skincare routine – only to end up with unwelcome pimples? Skin purging before and after images can really be stressful (especially when the ‘after’ is when you’ve put effort into improving your skin). But, don’t panic! This new skincare routine breakout may be a normal reaction called ‘skin purging’. And it […]

Mastering the Art of Skin Minimalism

skin minimalism

Serums, creams, and masks overflowing on your vanity?  You’re a beauty aficionado for sure… but what if we told you to pare down those beauty “essentials”? Gasp! You need every single one of those products you’ve hoarded. Right? Well, not quite. Less is more when it comes to maintaining glass-like skin. And, given the havoc […]

Elevate Your Wellbeing with Gong Sound Healing

gong sound healing

Yearning for an emotional release – for relaxation so deep that you feel all your worries melt away? Gong sound healing is just the experience you need! Gongs are incredibly versatile instruments. From opera gongs and chau gongs to wind gongs and shaman gongs, there are many different types. Each of these holds aesthetic and […]

Top Iron-Rich Herbs: Boost Your Health Naturally

herbs high in iron

Feeling fatigued or experiencing pale skin? These could be signs of iron deficiency – which is especially common among women and children. There are plenty of supplements that can help cater to the problem, but more and more people are now looking towards nature’s pharmacy. Case in point: herbs high in iron. With that said, […]

How to Get Dewy Skin Without Makeup

how to get dewy skin

Ever look at someone and wonder – wow, they’re glowing! They look like they’re on top of their water intake, regularly use SPF 60, and have poreless skin. How to get dewy skin without makeup? The previous decade was big on contouring – but the upcoming trend is all about natural, dewy looking skin. In fact, […]

Best Vegan Protein Sources

vegan protein foods

Proteins are the main building blocks of our bodies, and we need to consume a healthy amount of protein every day to maintain our normal body processes. We can get proteins from many sources, such as animals and plants. However, vegan protein sources have been growing in popularity in recent years because of their beneficial […]

13 Vegan Foods For Energy – Boost Your Energy Naturally

vegan foods for energy

Do you feel tired more often, lack the energy to perform specific tasks, or find yourself searching for a chocolate bar or a cup of coffee when the clock hits 3 pm? If so, your body needs to be fueled — perhaps it’s time to fill your diet with plant-based, vegan foods that will act […]

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