What To Do After A Sugar Binge?

what to do after a sugar binge

Let’s be honest: at one point or another, we’ve all fallen prey to a dreadful sugar binge and ended up feeling horrible, both physically and mentally. Now, after you’ve overindulged your sweet tooth, you might be searching for a helpful answer as to what to do after a sugar binge. While you go on to […]

What Are AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products)?

ages advanced glycation end products

There is an old saying that says, “You are what you eat,” and it is still as relevant today as it was before. People who eat healthy food and make a concerted effort to reduce harmful ingredients in their food tend to stay healthy for longer.  On the other hand, people who consume harmful foods […]

Effects Of Sugar On Skin — Is Glycation Aging You?

what to do after a sugar binge

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting your sugar intake to 10% of the total calories you consume everyday. But let’s face it — our sweet tooth often has us crossing this limit. You probably know doing so is not healthy for your body, but did you know there are also negative effects of sugar […]

12 Benefits Of Beetroot Powder For Skin And Hair

beet powder benefits

Who says you need a trip to The Ordinary every time your skin breaks out? You can even use your salad or smoothie! Errmm… what? Let us explain. Beetroot is a super veggie – many of us use it in our salads and sandwiches. But this long-forgotten pushed-to-the-back-of-the-refrigerator ingredient has more superpowers. People have been […]

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