13 Superfoods For Gut Health

superfoods for gut health

Many people worldwide suffer from gut problems because they are not getting the nutrition they need.

So, what are you missing? Superfoods for gut health, of course! These miraculous foods hold the key to having great gut health.

Researchers swear by gut health superfoods because of their effects on the human body. Here you’re about to find out everything you need to know about them!

So, let’s dive right in!

What Are Superfoods for Gut Health?

So, what are superfoods for gut health, and why are they important for maintaining healthy digestion? The answer is simple, and it is closely related to the gut bacteria that everyone has in their digestive system.

These gut bacteria make up the gut microbiome. You need to have a healthy amount of gut bacteria to fight off infections, absorb nutrients and maintain the protective layer of the gut.

Superfoods are prebiotic and probiotic foods that promote the growth of these gut bacteria. They help replenish the body’s supplies of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fibers. 

Some foods have these beneficial properties more than other foods, and we call them gut health superfoods.

Types of Superfoods For Gut Health

If you’re interested in learning more about superfoods for the gut but don’t want to eat food you know your taste buds will reject, don’t worry!

Gut health superfoods come in many different food types. You’ll definitely find something that you can easily incorporate into your routine. 

So, let’s talk about the different types of superfoods for gut health!


fruits for gut health

They are an excellent source of antioxidants. They prevent wear and tear in the body and are essential to maintain robust repair processes in the gut.

Fruits like berries also have a high quantity of polyphenols, which are miraculously good for promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. This food family is also an excellent source of fiber. It helps prevent constipation and stimulates the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract.

Fruits like bananas and apples are also filling and serve as excellent snacks between meals.


If you want your gut to be healthy, the superfoods you need to ensure you’re eating are vegetables like spinach, kale, and carrots. Leafy greens like spinach and kale are a great source of nourishing vitamins. While carrots often serve as the miracle cure for treatment-resistant constipation.

Vegetables and fruits also increase the population of fiber-degrading bacteria in the gut which help to relieve constipation.

Onions are a great source of nutrition for gut bacteria. They definitely need to make it to your list of essential gut health superfoods.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are the crowning jewels of superfoods for gut health. Kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha and miso are excellent sources of probiotics that will help you create a gut microbiome. They help to fight off infections easily, repair wear and tear quickly, and gives your immune system a helping hand too.

Not just that, but most fermented foods have also been shown to significantly improve immunity and benefit people with inflammatory bowel diseases and other gut problems as well.

Whole Grains

Whole grains can be another excellent addition to your eating recipes as they promote digestion, relieve constipation and help your gut absorb nutrients better. Steel-cut oats and quinoa have become popular staples in most breakfast routines in recent years because of their numerous benefits for gut health. 

Best Superfoods For Gut Health

Gut-healthy foods should be an important part of everyone’s pantry because they help you relieve constipation, promote digestion and promote the growth of beneficial organisms in the gut. 

If all this talk of superfoods and microbiomes has confused you and you’re not sure what to include in your diet, don’t worry! We have some great suggestions for you.

Leafy Green Vegetables

green vegetables for gut health

If you’ve struggled with gut problems all your life, there’s a good chance that your gut microbiome might be all messed up. However, you can repopulate the beneficial bacteria in your gut and improve your gut health by incorporating leafy greens into your routine. 

Leafy greens are packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Folate. They also contain Vitamin K, which is a vitamin essential for proper blood clotting and wound healing processes. 

They also contain sugars that nourish the gut bacteria and help you create a healthy microbiome in your gut.


The onion is a versatile vegetable that is low in calories but packed with important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are high in probiotics and help you repopulate your gut microbiome. They’re very important for improving your gut health.


For a tasty food rich in vitamins and antioxidants, give this German dish a try. The salt-cured cabbages are a great addition to any lunch or dinner and have excellent probiotic action. Try a sauerkraut rich meal like sauerkraut salad.


This tasty drink helps prevent liver toxicity and protects the gut from damage. It also reduces bad cholesterol levels and improves insulin action which allows your body to bring down your blood sugar.

Kombucha doesn’t just have gut health benefits, though. Dandy Engleman, a board-certified dermatologist, is quoted to have said, “Kombucha is excellent for balancing the skin’s microbiome by promoting a healthy ratio of good bacteria.” Drink kombucha on its own or as a kombucha smoothie or kombucha mocktail.


This tasty side-dish can be used to top burgers or sandwiches or as a side with your lunch or dinner. It is loaded with probiotics that are great for people who suffer from chronic gut problems.

It also lowers bad cholesterol while lowering blood sugar levels and improves gut health by this action.


Ginger is well-known for its healing properties but it’s also a popular gut health superfood because of the way it affects gastrointestinal motility. It promotes digestion, which relieves you of toxins and allows your body to absorb nutrients quickly.


Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a must-have for people suffering from IBS, gastric ulcers or chronic inflammatory gut problems such as ulcerative colitis, making it one of the most beneficial superfoods for gut health.


Flaxseeds are a great source of prebiotics and fiber. This dual-action has great effects on your gut as this helps you relieve constipation, lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body and populate your gut with beneficial bacteria.

grains for gut health


Oats are a great breakfast staple if you suffer from chronic constipation issues as it has both soluble and insoluble fibre which bulks up your stool and strengthens your gut muscles.

They’re also very versatile and can be customized in several different ways to suit your needs.

Chia Seeds

If you want a gut health superfood that promotes digestion, there’s nothing better than chia seeds. Chia seeds have actions similar to flaxseeds as they are also a great source of prebiotics and fibers which help you maintain a healthy gut. Try a superfood chia pudding or add a teaspoon of chia seeds to your smoothie.

Lean Proteins

Foods that have lean proteins are usually foods that are high in proteins but low in calories and fats, such as skinless white meat, white fish, tofu, beans, lentils and greek yogurt.

All of these things allow you to fulfill your daily protein requirements while keeping you away from bad cholesterol and toxins present in other types of proteins. 

A good protein balance helps you regulate the bacteria population in your gut and boost your immunity so your gut can easily fight off infections.


Avocados are high in antioxidants that help reduce damage to your gut and decrease inflammation in the gut, which may lead to digestion problems. 

It is also high in fiber which is why it’s a great choice for people who suffer from chronic constipation problems. They also help colonize your gut with beneficial bacteria that fight off infections and damage from harmful pathogens.


Berries are a great addition to any breakfast bowl because they contain a high concentration of antioxidant polyphenols and prebiotics which reduce the damage mediated by the toxins in the body and promote healthy gut microbiota. It also has a high fiber content which promotes digestion.

They’re considered a superfood for gut health because it fully heals the gut and promotes healthy bowel habits which prevent chronic gut problems from arising in the future.


Different types of teas have different benefits but all of them improve gut health. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer black, green, ginger or peppermint tea, because they all have amazing antioxidant properties. They protect the gut from wear and tear while also providing relief from stomach ulcers, constipation, diarrhea and indigestion.


herbs for gut health

Herbs such as oregano have long since been considered very beneficial for gut health because they increase the secretion of digestive juices and prevent the gut from becoming leaky. 

They also boast lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help relieve symptoms of chronic gut problems and promote better gut health.

Can Probiotic Foods Replace Probiotic Supplements?

Many people who start taking care of their gut are directed to take probiotic supplements to repopulate their gut with healthy bacteria. However, they often get confused between taking probiotic supplements or taking foods loaded with probiotics. 

Surely, probiotic supplements must have better probiotic properties, right?

That’s not strictly true. 

The probiotic food we consume, such as kombucha, kefir or kimchi, shield the good bacteria from the harsh acidic environment of the gut and transport them to where they need to go. On the other hand, some or most of the good bacteria in probiotic supplements can get lost in the acidic juices and unfriendly gut environment as they do not have anything to protect the good bacteria with. 

So, probiotic supplements are helpful for people who do not have access to probiotic foods but it’s always better to have probiotic foods instead of relying on artificial supplements to do the job.

Other Digestive Superfoods

Legumes and beans are great for the colon because they contain carbohydrates that our gut cannot digest. These carbs help ferment bacteria that are good for the gut and promote digestion.

Leeks are also a very important digestive superfood as they contain polyphenols with antioxidant properties and also have a high fiber content which promotes peristalsis and improves gut health. 

Asparagus is another leafy green that should be a daily staple in your food as it contains lots of prebiotic dietary fiber which will transform your gut. 

Jerusalem artichokes are also growing popular among people who love digestive superfoods as they are packed with prebiotic fibers, antioxidant properties and also promote low blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol levels. What’s there to not love?


How long does it take for gut health to improve?

Having healthy gut habits is something you need to cultivate forever but it may take anywhere between 6 months to one year to heal your gut if you are consistent with your efforts.

What is the fastest way to improve gut health?

The fastest way to improve your gut health is to make lifestyle changes that heal the gut. Make sure to include digestive superfoods into your diet, exercise often and prevent toxins such as alcohol and nicotine from entering your system.

Great Gut Health – It’s Not Impossible!

Poor diets high in processed foods, high levels of stress due to work and education and a high level of toxins in common foods have led many people the world over to have gut problems.

While cultivating a healthy gut is a lifelong journey, you don’t need to think that you will never have great gut health. Superfoods for gut health can easily be incorporated into your diet and they have an incredible amount of benefits for a healthy and happy gut. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in your car and load up on all these delicious gut health superfoods!



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